The Best In Pool Technology, Save yourself 50,000 tasks. Enjoy more time for life

Your Smart Swimming Pool thinks like you. It knows your needs and performs actions according to the Season, Weather, Presence and your Lifestyle.

Its the Smart Swimming Pool with the highest IQ.

A swimming pool that will take care of thousands of actions each year, giving you back time to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

What is a Real Smart Swimming Pool?

The smart swimming pool has many definitions. With so many solutions out there claiming to make your swimming pool smart, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

The Smart Swimming Pool solution from Pool Technology isn’t about complicated control panels to turn your pump on. On the contrary, it simply knows what to do and takes care of thousands of tasks for you and your family throughout the year. It looks after the heating, chemicals, filtration and more – all by itself.

This gives you more time for your family, friends or just time for yourself to relax. In short; No Gimmicks. Real Smart Swimming Pools.

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Spring Season

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