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Swimming Pool Chemicals

We supply our own brand of good quality swimming pool chemicals on any of our maintenance visits. We have a huge range to adjust the water in your swimming pool to be clean for yourselves, the equipm…



Our new heat pump has arrived...

We can now supply you with a heat pump that is almost silent! When it is running at full capacity it is as quiet as a new air conditioning unit at 52 db which can be 10 times quieter than a standard p…


Spring Season

Spring is almost apon us. We recommend not to leave it too late to get your swimming pool clean and running once again before the sun comes out.



Eco friendly pool pump

Here we have supplied and fitted a variable speed pump. There are lots speeds that you can set which show you what wattage it is using. We had this pump using as little as 300 watts to circulate the p…


Solar Cover heats pool by 7 celsius

The solar cover supplied and fitted combined with natural sunlight can heat the pool water by 7 celsius. The owner of the pool is now saving money from not needing the gas boiler on so much.


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